Commonsense Conservative For Ohio


Win a lunch with Rob

When President Obama needs to push his liberal agenda through Congress he turns to one man, Majority Leader Harry Reid. In leading the Senate Democrats, Reid has strong-armed flawed legislation like Obamacare and silenced any meaningful debate from the Republican minority. 

Our mission for 2014 is simple: We can strike a major blow to the failed Obama agenda by replacing Harry Reid with a Republican Senate majority. Will you chip-in today to help us turn the Senate red?

Americans deserve a Republican Congress that will work to repeal Obamacare, support energy independence, reduce the deficit, reform our tax code, grow jobs, increase U.S. exports and approve the Keystone pipeline. It’s time to repair the problems our country is facing and put our citizens back to work.

Donate $5 or more now and stand with me in support of a GOP majority. Your generous donation means you’ll be automatically entered in our contest to join me for lunch to discuss our efforts to win back the Senate.

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