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The Toledo Blade Endorses Rob Portman

- The Blade endorsed Strickland in 2006 and 2010 and endorsed Portman's opponent in 2010

- Newspaper Endorsement Count = Portman 22, Strickland 2

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Today, the Toledo Blade endorsed Rob Portman for U.S. Senate after endorsing Ted Strickland for governor in 2006 and 2010, and endorsing Rob's Democratic opponent in 2010. The Toledo Blade backed Rob, saying he is "a '21st century senator' who works across party lines to get things done," that Ted Strickland "would not be able to work this way in the Senate" and "we need more of the Portman approach in the Congress, not less." For those keeping count, this makes 22 newspaper endorsements for Rob, and just two for Ted Strickland.

Earlier this week, the Portman for Senate campaign released its latest TV ads, "Endorsed," highlighting Rob's endorsements from all major newspapers in Ohio that have endorsed in this race, including several that previously endorsed Ted Strickland. Separate ads are airing in the Columbus and Cleveland markets highlighting the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Columbus Dispatch endorsements. You may view the Columbus ad by clicking HERE and the Cleveland ad by clicking HERE.

So far, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Crain's Cleveland Business, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Columbus Dispatch, the Courier, the  Akron Beacon Journalthe Youngstown Vindicatorthe Martins Ferry Times Leaderthe Highland County Press, the Lima News, the Wheeling Intelligencer, the Tiffin Advertiser Tribune, the Chillicothe Gazette, the Times Gazette, the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, the Elyria Chronicle-TelegramCall & Post, the Minority Communicator Newspaper, the Canton Repository , the Marietta Times, the Herald-Star, and the Toledo Blade have all endorsed Rob for U.S. Senate. For those keeping track Rob has been endorsed by 22 newspapers while Strickland has only been endorsed by two - including one student newspaper.

Rob Portman for Senate

Toledo Blade

So the question is: Which man — Mr. Strickland or Mr. Portman — would be more effective in fighting for Ohio jobs going forward?

We think the answer is Mr. Portman. We hope and trust that Mr. Strickland’s public career will not end with this race. He still has much to give. And he is a giver.

But Ted Strickland would be starting a Senate career at age 75. Mr. Portman already has seniority and clout at the age of 60. The Democrats, who have withdrawn money from Mr. Strickland, certainly never promised he would head a committee if elected. We need more than just a vote.

More than seniority, Mr. Portman is a “21st century senator” who works across party lines to get things done. Indeed, he is the very model of a senator who goes out of his way to build bridges across party and ideology. Mr. Portman passes a huge amount of legislation. He always starts with a Democratic co-sponsor — not just in name but in real partnership.

Mr. Strickland is an old-fashioned partisan politician. He would not be able to work this way in the Senate. We need more of the Portman approach in the Congress, not less.

Indeed, Mr. Portman has worked perhaps most closely and consistently with his Democratic colleague, Sherrod Brown, especially on Lake Erie issues. In such a toxic political atmosphere, with the Senate closely and bitterly divided, Ohio protects itself by having one senator from each party — a political insurance policy small New England states have long understood.

We want to protect Ohio, not a party or an ideology.

One of the points Mr. Portman often makes is that lots of issues are not, by their nature, partisan — they are human issues. Two immense human issues in our time are the opioid addiction problem and human trafficking. Mr. Portman has not only been the champion on these two issues, above all others in Congress, but he has worked on these matters with an attention to detail and a focus most unusual, almost unique, for a senator.

Another such issue is the quality of federal judges. When a state has one Republican and one Democratic senator, they have to work together on judicial nominees and the result is a more moderate judiciary.

In short, Mr. Portman is an exceptional legislator, one who has made a difference and one who may yet make a difference on trade and manufacturing. We reserve the right to hold his feet to the fire on those issues. But The Blade endorses Rob Portman for re-election to the U.S. Senate.

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