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The 13 Numbers that Scare Ted Strickland the Most

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Today, on Friday the 13th, the Portman for Senate Campaign is taking a look back at the 13 numbers that scare former Governor Ted Strickland the most:


When Ted Strickland was Governor, Ohio lost more than 350,000 jobs – many to other states. (PolitiFact Ohio, 10/25/12)


When Ted Strickland served in the House of Representatives, he authored zero bills that became law despite serving in Congress for over a decade. (The Washington Free Beacon, 12/3/15; Library Of Congress, Accessed 12/7/15)

89 cents

As governor, Ted Strickland drained the state’s rainy day fund to just 89 cents. (Columbus Dispatch, 7/4/12)


When Ted Strickland was Governor, Ohio ranked 48th in job creation. (PolitiFact Ohio, 10/25/12)

$2.7 million

Ted Strickland only has $2.7 million cash on hand – his lack of ability to raise money is a direct reflection of his failed record. (WCBE, 4/9/16)


After Ohio fired Ted Strickland as Governor, he landed his “Dream Job” as the President for the anti-gun, anti-coal, pro-tax, pro-Obamacare Center for American Progress (CAP) Action Fund making a whopping $250,000. (, 8/11/15)


Ted Strickland has been running for Congress for 40 years. (Ted Strickland in his own words, 4/22/16)

$8 billion

Ted Strickland left an $8 billion budget gap even after raising taxes on hardworking Ohioans. (Columbus Dispatch, 8/15/12)

$844 million

Speaking of taxes, as Governor, Ted Strickland raised taxes on hardworking Ohioans by $844 million. (Columbus Dispatch, 9/30/09)

30 percent

When Ted Strickland was Governor, he cut alcohol and drug addiction services by 30 percent. (Columbus Dispatch, 6/20/09)

 11 percent

Unemployment in Ohio skyrocketed to 11 percent when Ted Strickland was Governor. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, accessed on 5/12/16)


On 2 separate occasions, Ted Strickland voted against holding China accountable for unfair trade practices. (HR 3283, Roll Call Vote 421, 7/26/05, Overall vote: 240-186, Strickland Vote: No; HR 3283, Roll Call Vote 437, July 27, 2005, Overall vote: 255-168, Strickland Vote: No)

$15 million

$15 million – the size of Portman for Senate’s advertising buy announced yesterday. (Columbus Dispatch, 5/12/16)