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Ted Strickland's Tax Day Flashback

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- In advance of Tax Day, the Portman for Senate campaign today released the following statement and subsequent background information reminding voters that former Governor Ted Strickland raised taxes on Ohioans by $844 million.

"Ted Strickland continues to run his 'invisible' campaign in hopes of hiding from his awful record, which includes raising taxes on Ohioans by $844 million. Its troubling considering he still left Ohio with an $8 billion budget gap and only 89 cents in its rainy day fund. The former governor’s outrageous tax increase is just another reason why Ohio simply can't afford a return to Ted Strickland’s Ohio when the state lost more than 350,000 jobs and ranked 48th in job creation,” Portman spokesperson Michawn Rich said. “While Rob Portman has delivered results for Ohio’s hard-working taxpayers and is leading the fight for pro-growth policies that increase wages and create more jobs, Ted Strickland wants to double down and promote his same failed policies in the U.S. Senate—the same ones that hurt Ohio families, raised taxes, caused healthcare prices to skyrocket, and crushed small businesses with burdensome regulations.”

Strickland ‘Tax Increase’
‘Taking money out of the pockets of Ohioans’ “Strickland prides himself on having made tough decisions in rough economic times. One of those decisions was postponing the income tax cut which meant taking money out of the pockets of Ohioans.” (Politifact, 10/13/10)

“Strickland's move would raise an estimated $844 million…” (Columbus Dispatch, 9/30/09)

Dennis Willard, before he was on Strickland’s payroll said: ‘The vast majority of people working in Ohio this year will pay more income taxes’ "Gov. Ted Strickland did not unveil a tax-neutral plan Wednesday or a temporary freeze on the income-tax reduction. Strickland proposed raising income taxes, plain and simple, to generate $844 million in the next 21 months. The vast majority of people working in Ohio this year will pay more income taxes in 2010, and again in 2011, if the state legislature goes along with Strickland. And that is a tax increase." (Akron Beacon Journal, 10/1/09)

Strickland’s Budgeting Problems
Strickland Left $8 Billion Budget Hole “$8 billion deficit left by the Strickland administration” (Columbus Dispatch, 6/30/11)

Strickland Left 89 Cents In Ohio Rainy Day Fund “The state rainy-day fund, which had just 89 cents in January 2011” (Columbus Dispatch, 7/4/12)