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Strickland Struggles While Portman Gets Results

Team Portman:

In an effort to keep you updated on the latest in the race, we wanted to draw your attention to a growing contrast that has developed over the past several weeks. While Rob Portman has been fighting for Ohio and actually getting results, Ted Strickland has been consumed with a struggling effort to overcome his awful record as governor.
Portman’s measures to combat human trafficking recently passed the Senate and are headed to the President’s desk for signature. Portman’s energy efficiency bill that helps Ohio manufacturers is now a law. He’s working to expand educational opportunities for all Ohioans and Ohio newspapers have praised him for his effort to make Ohio exports more competitive. Meanwhile, Ted Strickland has faced heated criticism from his own party and even his own campaign staff as he’s struggled to explain his poor record as governor when Ohio lost over 350,000 jobs.

Just look at the contrast below:  

Rob Portman 

May 22: Portman fights to "protect the U.S. steel industry from unfair trade practices" The Hill

"House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) promised Portman that he would include his steel amendment in a customs and trade enforcement bill scheduled for debate in the House. [Steel amendment already passed Senate] ...

"'This provision is a top priority of the House Steel Caucus and Sen. Portman, and Chairman Ryan has made a commitment to them to include it in the House customs and trade enforcement bill,' said Doug Andres, a spokesman for the Ways and Means Committee."

May 19: "Senate Passes Sen. Rob Portman's Human Trafficking Bill" - 

"Two bills, championed by Ohio Senator Rob Portman, to combat human trafficking are headed to the President for his signature. The Bringing Missing Children Home Act and the Ensuring a Better Response for Victims of Child Sex Trafficking both passed the Senate today."

April 30: "President Obama signs Sen. Rob Portman's energy-efficiency bill" - Cleveland Plain Dealer

"This is an important part of our energy plan for America that can help bring jobs back, help make our manufacturers more competitive, and actually help to protect the environment," Portman said.

April 28: Portman introduces bill to make college more affordable: "Portman, Warner push Pell for early college credits" - POLITICO Pro

"Portman and Warner hope the approach will encourage more so-called 'early college' high schools by reducing the tuition and fees high schools often pick up when they offer such coursework. And students who attend some early college high schools have been shown to have better high school completion and college attendance rates. And they’d face fewer semesters in college if and when they do attend, giving them a leg-up on paying for a two- or four-year degree."

April 27: "Promoting Trade" - Toledo Blade

"... an amendment sponsored by Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio) aimed at curbing currency manipulation — an anti-competitive practice by other countries that damages the U.S. economy — deserves lawmakers’ and the President’s support."

Ted Strickland

May 22: "Strickland’s spokesman was once a harsh critic" - The Vindicator

"In an April 17, 2010, column, [Strickland's current spokesman] wrote that Strickland 'promised to create gobs of jobs, but the ship of state has not turned. Instead, it is sinking.' This was a play on Strickland’s “Turnaround Ohio” campaign initiative when he successfully ran for governor in 2006."

May 21: "Democrats' Vanishing Future" National Journal

"Wisconsin's Russ Feingold, Pennsylvania's Joe Sestak, Indiana's Baron Hill, and Ohio's Ted Strickland all ran underwhelming campaigns in losing office in 2010—and are looking to return to politics six years later."

May 19: "Failures Won't Appeal to Voters" - The Ohio Valley Intelligencer

"Strickland and his party have been dismal failures on just about everything that is important to East Ohioans. Portman should hope his opponent keeps on talking."

May 14: "P.G. Sittenfeld delivers defiant speech aimed at own political party outside Ohio statehouse" "- AP

"A Cincinnati councilman running for U.S. Senate says he intends to stay in the race while emphasizing the need to give Democrats a choice in the election."

April 18: "No contest: Why is the Ohio Democratic Party so intent on denying its voters a choice of U.S. Senate candidates next year?" - Toledo Blade

"Their disdain for voter choice and competition helps explain the party's awful performance in recent elections in which the ticket was headed by someone not named Obama."