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Strickland Panics, Spends Money He Doesn't Have

COLUMBUS, Ohio – After weeks of losing union endorsements, listening to National Democrats panic about his campaign, and resorting to disproven false attacks, Ted Strickland's desperation has reached new levels with his latest decision to go on television. Despite only having $3.7 million cash-on-hand, and originally planning to go on television in September, Ted Strickland has decided to spend $1,000,000 on television ads in hopes it will change the narrative of this race.

"It is a sad day for Ted Strickland. After a brutal month of lost union endorsements and criticism from their own party, the Strickland campaign is panicking and spending money they don't have on a 60-second biographical ad that conveniently fails to mention Ted's disastrous time as governor," Portman spokesperson Michawn Rich said. "This desperate move by Ted Strickland proves once again that his campaign can't shake his horrible record when Ohio lost more than 350,000 jobs and ranked 48th in job creation."

FACT: Strickland voted twice – in 1993 and 1994 – in support of China's Most Favored Nation status. (HJRes 208, Roll Call Vote 347, July 21, 1993, Overall vote: 105-318, Strickland Vote: No), (HJRes 373, Roll Call Vote 381, August 9, 1994, Overall vote: 75-356, Strickland Vote: No)

  • Weekly Standard: Ted Strickland Was For Free Trade with China, Before He Was Against It
  • Morning Consult: But while Strickland opposed the renewal in 2000, he voted in 1993 and 1994 to retain China’s “most favored nation” status.
  • Washington Free Beacon: Democratic Senate Candidate Again Under Fire for Misleading Voters

FACT: Strickland Supported ObamaCare, which cuts Medicare by $716 billion, including $206 billion from Medicare Advantage (Congressional Budget Office 7-24-12; (Alex Wayne and Caroline Chen, “Humana, UnitedHealth Face About 3.6% Advantage Rate Cuts,”Bloomberg, 2/21/14)

FACTIn July 2009, Strickland was criticized by advocates for the disabled, seniors and impoverished when he signed a budget that left many of his proposed Social Security and Medicare cuts intact. Advocates for the poor, elderly and disabled blasted the budget bill as failing the most vulnerable Ohioans. “AARP Ohio State Director Jane Taylor said cuts in Medicaid short programs that allow the elderly to receive services at home or move to assisted living facilities. The $30 million funding cut means 10,000 Ohioans will wait for in-home services or be forced into nursing homes, which cost three times as much, Taylor said. “This is wrong for elderly Ohioans who need long-term care services and it is wrong for Ohio taxpayers, who deserve to see Medicaid dollars used in the most effective and efficient manner,” she said. “We are taking a very expensive step backward at a very high cost to our eldest citizens.” (Dayton Daily News, July 14, 2009)

FACT: During Ted Strickland's single failed term as governor, he raised taxes on hardworking families and Ohio lost more than 350,000 jobs and ranked 48th in job creation.

: After he was booted from the Governor's office, Ted Strickland moved his "Ohio heart and soul" to D.C. to make $250,000 running the lobbying arm of an anti-coal, pro-tax, pro-Obamacare liberal special interest group. 

- Rob was recently endorsed by the United Mine Workers of America, the Ohio Conference of Teamsters, the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18 -- all of which endorsed Ted Strickland in his previous campaigns.

- Last week, Ted encountered an avalanche of bad press, including National Democrats voicing concern about his campaign: 
  • Roll Call: "In Ohio, a race that Democrats once considered among their top targets, Democrats are fretting about Ted Strickland’s disappointing finances and a handful of marquee endorsements for Sen. Rob Portman." 

  • AP: "Portman also is overwhelming Strickland in fundraising, leaving some Democrats privately voicing concerns about the former governor’s campaign... Some Democrats concede that Portman is running a very strong campaign"
- In our eight positive statewide TV ads, Ted Strickland's name has not been mentioned once. 

Recent polling illustrates why Strickland is concerned:
NBC/WSJ (August 9): 48-43 (Portman +5)
PPP (July 25):  43-38 (Portman +5) 
Suffolk (July 20): 37-33 (Portman +4) 
Quinnipiac (July 14): 47-40 (Portman +7) 
- Prior to this desperate move, more money has been spent to prop up Ted Strickland than anyone else in the country. Harry Reid's Super PAC is the #1 spender in this race -- they've spent $10 million and have nothing to show for it. They've recently been helped by AFSCME. Recent spending:
June: $2,969,158 (Senate Majority PAC)
July: $4,608,525 (Senate Majority PAC)
August: $1,171,502 (AFSCME) + $522,479 (Senate Majority PAC)

- Ted Strickland has $3.7 million on hand (FEC). Rob Portman has $13.2 million cash on hand (FEC).