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Strickland Endorsement Exposes 'Deep Divisions'

Prominent Democratic Figure ‘Slamming His Party’ Over Strickland Endorsement, ‘Urges Pals To Leave’

Dem Official: Strickland ‘Is A Walking Dead Man’

AP: “Ohio justice says fellow Democrats made bad Senate race pick” (Associated Press, 4/13/15)

  • “The lone Democrat elected to top statewide office in Ohio is slamming his party for its weekend endorsement of former Gov. Ted Strickland in the race for U.S. Senate.” (Associated Press, 4/13/15)
  • “People are divided over whether party rules allowed the committee to endorse him as it did.” (Associated Press, 4/13/15)
  • JUSTICE BILL O’NEILL: “I had no idea that the party had plans to shoot itself in the foot on Saturday” (Associated Press, 4/13/15)

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER: “Dem Justice urges pals to leave party over PG snub.” (Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/13/15)

  • JUSTICE BILL O’NEILL: “Personal heartfelt message to all 2,462 facebook friends. Leave the Ohio Democratic Party immediately. I have just learned that they have made an endorsement in the US Senate race for my dear friend Ted Strickland. When you see Ted, give him a hug and kiss him good bye. He is a walking dead man. It is now very clear to me that we learned NOTHING with the devastating losses last year… Run people. Run. The inmates are running the asylum.” (Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/13/15

WKYC, CLEVELAND (NBC): Justice Bill O'Neill calls Ted Strickland 'walking dead man' (WKYC, 4/13/15)

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: “…yet another example of some of the deep divisions that linger in the Ohio Democratic Party...” (Columbus Dispatch, 4/13/15)

  • “…O’Neill wrote an impassioned Facebook post protesting the ODP’s decision to endorse former Gov. Ted Strickland...” (Columbus Dispatch, 4/13/15)
  • “O’Neill goes on to say that the endorsement makes it clear that the party learned “nothing” from the devastating losses of 2014…” (Columbus Dispatch, 4/13/15)

  • U.S. SENATOR SHERROD BROWN: “...P.G. can stay in and compete,” he said. “Party endorsements don’t mean what they used to...” (Columbus Dispatch, 4/13/15)

WKSU (Ohio Public Radio)“Not all Democrats happy with Strickland endorsement… Prominent Democrat urges others to leave the party after ODP endorsement.” (WKSU, 4/13/15)

MORNING JOURNAL: “Strickland not the right choice” (Morning Journal, 4/14/15)