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Sen. Rob Portman wants to boost number of hospitals that can treat Ebola

Sabrina Eaton | November 21, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman introduced legislation this week that would provide money for hospitals that want to create special isolation units that can be used to treat patients with Ebola and other serious infectious diseases.

Portman and his cosponsor, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Edward Markey, noted the four U.S. hospitals with bio-containment units have only a total of 11 beds that can be used at one time to treat people infected with Ebola or other diseases that require isolation.

"Recent events highlighted vulnerabilities in our nation's public health preparedness," said a statement from Portman. "The U.S. should be prepared to deal with highly infectious diseases like Ebola, and this commonsense legislation will ensure we have designated health care facilities that are trained, staffed and prepared to provide specialized treatment to patients with infectious diseases."

Akron-area native Amber Joy Vinson, who works as a nurse in Dallas, came down with the disease last month after she treated a Liberian man with the disease. The Liberian man, Thomas Eric Duncan, died at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, but Vinson recovered after treatment at one of the four hospitals with biocontainment units - Atlanta's Emory University Hospital.

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