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Senator Portman | December 22, 2014

This past week, I hosted one of our monthly telephone town hall meetings with thousands of Ohioans from all walks of life and also had an employee town hall in northeast Ohio with factory workers, administrative staff, and executives. There were lots of points of view but also a common thread to much of what I heard. Ohioans are tired of gridlock in Washington, and they want Congress to get things done that help them and their families. I agree with them, and that’s why I’ve worked again this past year with folks on both sides of the aisle to accomplish important things for the people of Ohio, even in a very partisan atmosphere.

Even in a Congress with so much gridlock, I have remained focused on solutions and addressing the issues I hear about from people all across Ohio—from protecting Lake Erie to helping people connect with jobs, to removing regulatory roadblocks for Ohio’s small business owners struggling in a weak economy.

My top priority remains boosting the Ohio economy and creating an environment where new jobs can thrive. In the 113th Congress, I had 15 of my bills signed into law, as well as a number of amendments and resolutions. I also introduced 69 bills to help Ohio.

Among other accomplishments, I’ve successfully fought for Ohio workers who are being hurt by the unfair trade practices of our competitors around the world. For example, we were recently able to win a victory before the International Trade Commission to crack down on countries that illegally dump their steel in the U.S. market, hurting Ohio steel workers.

I’ve worked to ensure that all Ohioans have the skills they need to take advantage of the new jobs that are coming to our state. When I’m on the road in Ohio, I often hear that employers are having trouble finding workers with the skills needed to fill available jobs. That’s why workforce training has been a major focus of mine, and I was pleased when major provisions of my CAREER Act were signed into law. These provisions will help train Ohioans for and connect them with good-paying jobs.

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