Commonsense Conservative For Ohio


Portman Wins First Debate

Youngstown, Ohio – Rob Portman clearly won today as he delivered a commanding performance at the first debate. Following the debate, the Portman for Senate Campaign issued this statement:

“Ted Strickland is running the worst campaign in America, which is why Democrats have abandoned him, cancelled $20 million in advertisements supporting his retread candidacy, and why this week Roll Call referred to him as the worst candidate of the cycle. Today was not much different as Strickland failed to defend the worst record of any Senate candidate in America. As governor, Ted oversaw the loss of more than 350,000 jobs while Ohio ranked 48th in job creation, and Ted failed to pass a single bill into law during his 12 years in Congress.

“In contrast, Rob rose above Strickland’s desperate false attacks and demonstrated that he has been and will continue to be an independent voice for Ohio families in the U.S. Senate. Rob has passed 45 bills into law, helping Ohio workers fight back against illegal trade, combating human trafficking, and fighting Ohio’s heroin addiction epidemic. Rob’s record of delivering results has garnered support from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents – including more than 100,000 Ohio union members from all across Ohio.  

“The race for U.S. Senate presents Ohio voters with a clear choice: moving forward with Rob’s pro-growth policies for higher wages and more jobs or a return to Retread Ted Strickland’s failed policies of higher taxes, burdensome regulations and bigger government.”