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Portman Releases Strong Fundraising Numbers and Unveils Broad Coalition of Support

Columbus, Ohio - Today, the Portman for Senate campaign announced that it ended 2014 with $5.8 million cash on hand. In addition, Portman announced that he has received the endorsement of over 250 key Ohio Republican leaders, including the entire Republican Congressional delegation, all statewide elected officials, and nearly 90 percent of State House and Senate Republican members. The full list of endorsements can be found below and is also available on the Portman for Senate website.


"I am excited about continuing to serve because there is so much more work to be done for the people of Ohio. Despite the Washington gridlock, during my first four years in the Senate I have made real progress, but there is a lot more to do. We need to fight on, together, to provide commonsense conservative leadership to create good jobs, better wages, and stronger Ohio communities.

"I consider it an honor to represent the people of Ohio in the U.S. Senate, and it's humbling to have the support of so many Ohio leaders from across the state. It takes a team to make progress and that is why I am so gratified by the breadth and depth of the list of leaders endorsing me and joining our team today.

"Every day, I hear from Ohioans about the issues that matter to them most, and I am eager to continue to fight on their behalf and be their voice in Washington. I'll continue helping people connect with good-paying jobs, aiding those struggling with drug addiction, protecting Ohio's lakes and rivers, and knocking down regulatory barriers that are frustrating Ohio's small business owners. I will continue to hold President Obama accountable and fight hard to make progress on stalled policies to jump-start our economy, increase family paychecks, and restore the American Dream. I will not rest until every Ohioan who wants a job gets one," said Portman.

"Over the course of the past year, I have criss-crossed Ohio, and despite the regional differences one concern is the same -- people across the Buckeye State are in search of better jobs and the promise of a brighter tomorrow for their children and grandchildren," continued Portman. "As your Senator, I will continue to fight for policies to uplift our economy, empower people, and ensure that America's best days lie ahead. I look forward to an official campaign announcement tour in February, kicking off in Columbus."

Throughout his time in public service, Portman has been widely regarded as a fair-minded and skilled legislator known for consistently and successfully delivering results on a wide range of issues.

During his past four years as U.S. Senator, Portman has demonstrated his ability to deliver results for Ohio despite Washington gridlock. Over the past two years in the most recent Congress, Portman introduced 69 bills, 15 of which became law. In his first two years in the Senate, Portman introduced 38 bills, 10 of which became law. Portman's efforts have focused on job creation and spurring Ohio's economy, restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington and eliminating government waste, combatting poverty, and protecting our national defense.

As the nation's former trade negotiator, Portman opened new markets around the world for U.S. exports while increasing enforcement of trade laws. He is also regarded as a no-nonsense budget hawk, and as Director of Office of Management and Budget, Portman instilled fiscal discipline, proposing a balanced budget and instituting greater transparency in how the government spends taxpayers' money.

A fifth generation Ohioan, Portman was born and raised in Ohio and he and his wife, Jane, have always kept their home in Ohio. They live outside of Cincinnati, Ohio and have three children, Jed, Will, and Sally.  


For a full list of 2016 Portman for Senate endorsements, please click here.

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