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Portman Releases Final TV Ad of the Campaign

$1 Million Statewide TV Ad Highlights Rob's Work Standing up for Ohio Workers

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Today, the Portman for Senate campaign released its final TV ad of the campaign. The ad was filmed at Annin Flagmakers in Coshocton, the company that made the flags hoisted at Iwo Jima and planted on the moon. "Flag Factoryhighlights Rob's fight for Ohio workers and his record of standing up to China and his commitment to always fight for Ohio workers. Next Tuesday, Ohio voters have a clear choice between moving forward with Rob's policies for better wages and more jobs, or returning to Ted Strickland's failed policies when Ohio lost more than 350,000 jobs and ranked 48th in job creation.

The $1 million ad is currently running statewide in every Ohio media market. You may click HERE or on the video below to watch "Flag Factory."

Rob Portman: I'm here at Annin Flagmakers, America's oldest flag company. Annin made the flag that was hoisted at Iwo Jima and the one that was planted on the moon. Today, they make eight million flags a year right here in Ohio. People here and workers all across Ohio deserve a fair shot to compete. I'll continue to stand up for them and to fight back against countries like China when they threaten Ohio jobs. I'm Rob Portman and I approve this message, and I'd appreciate your vote so I can continue to fight for Ohio jobs.