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Portman For Senate Snapchat Geofilters Blanket Ohio Colleges and Universities as Students Return to School

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Today, the Portman for Senate Campaign announced it purchased over 30 Snapchat Geofilters across Ohio to blanket college campuses as students return to classes for the start of the fall semester.

In addition, Snapchat users at The Ohio State University were able to show support for Rob during move-in day in one filter and in another filter students were encouraged to join the campaign as interns during an activity fair. In total, the campaign targeted over 30 different colleges and universities with individual filters specific to the school, with more to come. Images of the some of the filters are below. Users can snap a picture and place the filters on top of their photos.



Earlier this month, Cleveland's WEWS highlighted the Portman for Senate Campaign’s outreach efforts using Snapchat saying, "Rob Portman's Campaign is really leading the effort here." Earlier this year, the Portman Campaign was the first GOP Senate campaign to target voters using Snapchat and as Politico pointed out last month, “Ohio Sen. Rob Portman...seems to roll out a new Snapchat filter every week.” You may click HERE or on the WEWS video below to see how the Portman Campaign is using Snapchat to target voters in Ohio:

Last September, the Portman for Senate campaign launched its Students for Portman coalition with campus coordinators on over 30 college and university campuses across the State of Ohio. This group helps the Portman campaign organize and mobilize students on campus and helps communicate Rob’s record to ensure that every student who wants a good job after graduation can find one. In addition, the campaign launched this video highlighting the coalition:


This summer, the Portman for Senate Campaign has more than 500 full-time interns to power the field program. The interns and grassroots efforts were on full display during the RNC where Rob hosted a volunteer appreciation event. You may click HERE on on the video below for an inside look at our campaign's targeting efforts.



The Portman for Senate campaign is running an aggressive, 21st Century tech-savvy campaign, which includes these highlights:
The Portman for Senate Campaign was the first Senate campaign in the country to reserve airtime through Election Day, placing more than $14 million in statewide television airtime and $1 million in YouTube inventory through Google's advertising network. The effort is using highly sophisticated targeting methods to deliver community specific content across Ohio.

The campaign has launched seven coalitions: the African American Leadership Council, the Veterans Leadership CouncilWomen for PortmanSportsmen for Portman, the Hispanic Leadership CouncilSmall Business Coalition, and the Students for Portman Coalition which has college chairs on over 30 campuses across Ohio.

The campaign raised $3.8 million in the second quarter of 2016 and has nearly 5 times more cash on hand than Ted Strickland's campaign. The campaign now has more than 14,000 individual donors from Ohio, representing more than 80 percent of the campaign's donors. Last year, the campaign raised a record-setting total of $9.8 million, a record for an off-year in Ohio and the most of any targeted Senate campaign in 2015.

Since the primary, the Portman campaign has purchased numerous Snapchat "geofilters." The filters showed support for Rob Portman and reminded users of Ted Strickland’s awful record as Governor when Ohio lost more than 350,000 jobs, support for the Obama-Biden failed foreign policy agenda, and awful record on China.

The Portman for Senate campaign was the first Senate campaign in the country to sponsor an ad on Instagram. The ad microtargeted students at The Ohio State University during OSU's first home football game. Other Instagram ads were targeted to different Ohio universities.

The Portman for Senate campaign web videos, Bad Judgment and Dangerous received over one million views.

The Portman for Senate campaign is also using locally targeted online banner ads highlighting Ted Strickland’s failed record. You can click below for examples of each:

  • Collection one of former Ohio employers who moved jobs away from the state during Ted Strickland's term as governor.
  • Collection two of former Ohio employers who moved jobs away from the state during Ted Strickland's term as governor.
  • Collection three of former Ohio employers who moved jobs away from the state during Ted Strickland's term as governor.
  • Banner ad highlighting former governor Ted Strickland’s awful record on standing up to China.