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Portman for Senate Releases Second Web Ad on Ted Strickland's Support of Iran Deal

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Portman for Senate campaign today released a new web ad, "Wrong," outlining Governor Ted Strickland's support of President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran and highlighting the recent reports of Iran's activities since the deal was announced.

The ad follows the release of "Bad Judgment," the campaign's first web ad on Iran which was viewed by over 350,000 Ohio voters and became the Portman campaign's most successful web ad to date. "Wrong" begins running online immediately and will run in all markets in Ohio throughout the next week. You may watch the ad by clicking here.

"Since the Iran deal was announced, news reports have revealed that Iran is working to cover up nuclear activity at a key military site, increasing funding to terrorist groups, and it was just reported that earlier in the year that Iran released Al Qaeda hostages," campaign manager Corry Bliss said. "Supporting this deal, especially in light of new information, continues to demonstrate bad judgment. It is clear that Ted Strickland chose to stand with President Obama over the best interests of our country. National security will be one of the defining issues in this race, and Rob Portman is proud to have voted against the deal. Ted Strickland's bad judgment is still wrong for Ohio."