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Portman for Senate Releases Ad Proving Ted Strickland is a D.C. Insider

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Today, the Portman for Senate campaign released “D.C. Insider,” a new web ad detailing Ted Strickland’s long record as a D.C. insider for 40 years. The ad features footage from last Thursday of Ted bragging about his many runs for Congress beginning in the 1970s. The ad begins running online across Ohio today and is a part of the Portman for Senate Campaign’s ongoing six-figure online ad buy.

The Portman for Senate Campaign's web ad, “D.C. Insider," will begin playing statewide online today, and is further proof that Ted Strickland’s low-energy, “invisible” campaign can’t hide from his awful record.

“The true D.C. insider in the race is Ted Strickland who bragged last Thursday that he has been running for Congress since the 1970s. After being booted from the governor’s mansion, Ted Strickland formed a lobbying company, moved to D.C., and then proceeded to lobby for the anti-gun, anti-coal, pro-tax, pro-Obamacare Center for American Progress,” Portman campaign spokesperson Michawn Rich said. “It’s simple: Retread Ted Strickland is everything that is wrong with Washington.”

In 2011, Ted Strickland And Democrat Lobbyist, Steve Ricchetti, Launched Midwest Gateway Partners, A Political Consulting Firm With Offices In Columbus And Washington, D.C. "Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is wading into the influence game, teaming up with Democratic lobbyist Steve Ricchetti to launch Midwest Gateway Partners, a political-consulting firm aimed primarily at helping businesses create jobs." (Chris Frates, "Ex-Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland Launches Consulting Firm," National Journal, 7/29/11)

On April 1, 2014, former Governor Ted Strickland started his first day as President of the anti-gun, anti-coal, pro-tax, pro-Obamacare Center for American Progress (CAP) Action Fund – a liberal special interest group.

Ohio Coal Association: Strickland Is “Bad For Ohio Coal” (Ohio Coal Association, 2/18/15) "Moving from Ohio to Washington, DC has a tendency to change people. So it’s no surprise that for the past couple years, former Governor Ted Strickland has been advocating for the Obama Administration’s radical anti-coal policies that could kill 53,000 Ohio jobs, lower access to affordable energy, and threaten grid reliability... Ted Strickland has always liked to claim that he supports Ohio’s coal industry, but he has done just the opposite. Rumors are that Ted Strickland is considering moving back to Ohio to get back into politics and run for the U.S. Senate against Senator Rob Portman in 2016. If he does, Strickland will have a lot to answer to Ohio's coal voters on why he betrayed the people he used to represent in Congress and why he has been getting paid by a liberal Washington think tank for the past few years to advocate policies that are bad for Ohio coal, as well as anyone who turns on a light switch."

The Buckeye Firearms Association says Strickland "completely and totally lost his way in Washington D.C. (Buckeye Firearms Association, 2/11/15) "...In short, former Governor Ted Strickland, despite the good he did for gun owners when he lived in Ohio, has completely and totally lost his way in Washington D.C... And gun owners aren't the only ones who are concerned about his abandonment of Ohioans' values. This week, Cleveland Plain Dealer is quoting Christian Palich, interim president of the Ohio Coal Association, as saying Strickland has also turned his back on Ohio's coal workers and electricity consumers, just as he has Ohio gun owners."

Center for American Progress: “There is no war on coal.” (Center for American Progress, 5/30/14)

CAP Calls Obama’s Anti-Coal Rule ‘Most Important Federal Effort To Cut Carbon’ “…the Obama administration proposed the Clean Power Plan, a landmark policy to establish the first-ever carbon-pollution standards for power plants, the largest industrial source of carbon pollution in the United States… the most important federal effort to cut carbon...” (Center for American Progress, 3/9/15)

Think Progress Said President Obama's EPA Regulations On Power Plants ‘Will Be The Most Significant Thing America Has Ever Done To Combat Climate Change.’ "Regulating carbon emissions from coal plants will be the most significant thing America has ever done to combat climate change. The electricity sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions here, and dropping those 25 percent in 6 years amounts to a reduction of roughly 300 million tons of CO2 each year." (Think Progress, 7/2/14)

"The Tax Code Needs To Be Reformed So That It Generates Higher Revenues." "If we keep the current tax code the way it is today, federal revenues will stay far below federal spending levels-even with significant spending cuts-for the next decade and beyond, producing unsustainable and eventually dangerous levels of debt. The tax code needs to be reformed so that it generates higher revenues." ("Reforming Our Tax System, Reducing Our Deficit," Center For American Progress, December 2014)

The Center For American Progress Says That ObamaCare Is Working. “The results are clear: Health care reform works and has already benefited millions of seniors, women, children, and young adults. If at two years the Affordable Care Act is already helping millions of Americans access quality, affordable health care, we have a lot more to look forward to.” (Emily Oshima Lee, “Update: How Obamacare Is Benefiting Americans,” Center For American Progress, 7/12/12)