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Portman for Senate Becomes First Republican Senate Campaign to Target Voters on Snapchat, Launches Geofilter Attacking Ted Strickland’s Shameful Record

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Today, the Portman for Senate campaign announced it purchased a Snapchat "geofilter" that reminds users in the vicinity of former Governor Ted Strickland's downtown Columbus campaign office of his awful record as governor. The filter will be active for the rest of the month. 

"Since Ted Strickland’s low-energy, ‘invisible’ campaign is desperate to hide from his record, we're using many avenues – including Snapchat – to remind Ohio voters of Ted’s awful record," campaign manager Corry Bliss said. “Ohio simply cannot afford to return to Retread Ted's Ohio when the state lost over 350,000 jobs and ranked 48th in job creation. This Snapchat platform will show users exactly why Ted Strickland has the worst record of any Senate candidate in America." 

An image of the filter is below. Users can snap a picture and place the filter on top of their photos. 

Snapchat Ad

The Portman for Senate campaign is running an aggressive, 21st Century tech-savvy campaign, which includes these highlights:

  • The Portman for Senate campaign was the first Senate campaign in the country to sponsor an ad on Instagram. The ad microtargeted students at The Ohio State University during OSU's first home football game. Other Instagram ads were targeted to different Ohio universities.

Instagram Ad 

  • In September, the Portman for Senate campaign launched its Students for Portman coalition with campus coordinators on over 30 college and university campuses across the State of Ohio.
  • The Portman for Senate campaign web videos, Bad Judgment and Dangerous received over one million views.
  • Just yesterday, the Portman for Senate campaign launched locally targeted online banner adshighlighting another collection of former Ohio employers who moved jobs away from the state during Ted Strickland's term as governor.

 Wilmington Display Ad