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Portman Campaign Releases New Web Ads

Locally Targeted Online Banner Ads Will Focus On Strickland's Tenure As Governor When He Outsourced 350,000 Jobs

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Following Ted Strickland's U.S. Senate Democratic Primary victory, the Portman for Senate campaign today released locally targeted online banner ads highlighting another collection of former Ohio employers who moved jobs away from the state during Ted Strickland's term as governor.

"Former Governor Ted Strickland has the worst record of any Senate candidate in the country and these latest web ads prove just that. His low energy campaign has been described by fellow Democrats as 'invisible' because he has been hiding from his awful record. It’s clear Ohio can't afford to go back to Ted Strickland's Ohio when the state ranked 48th in job creation and lost over 350,000 jobs, many to other states," campaign manager Corry Bliss said. "Ted’s record is in stark contrast to Rob Portman who wakes up everyday ready to fight to expand opportunity for Ohio workers through pro-growth policies for higher wages and more jobs."

Background on the job losses featured in the ads:

Wilmington, Ohio lost 8,000 jobs when DHL closed during Strickland’s term. (CNN, 11/10/08)

  • Strickland Claimed He Was Helpless. “Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland said he expects more job losses… Strickland said he has been tracking the development in Wilmington very closely, but has been helpless to do much about it.” (WHIO, 1/1/09)
Wilmington Display Ad

Fostoria, Ohio lost 376 jobs when ThyssenKrupp Crankshaft Co moved jobs to Illinois. (The Blade, 9/26/10)

Fostoria Display Ad

Port Clinton, Ohio lost 154 jobs when Silgan Plastics Corporation moved jobs to other U.S. locations. (The Blade, 9/26/10)

Port Clinton Display Ad

Cleveland & Columbus, Ohio lost 46 jobs when Electrolux moved to North Carolina during Strickland’s term. (Cleveland Plain Dealer, 12/17/09) (Columbus Dispatch, 12/16/09)

Cleveland and Columbus Display Ad

North Baltimore, Ohio Lost 150 Jobs when Continental Structural Plastics moved most of its operations to Indiana. (Larry P. Vellequette, “North Baltimore Factory To Stay Open, But Jobs Drop,” The Blade, 9/15/10)

North Baltimore Display Ad

Bryan, Ohio lost 138 Jobs when New Era Ohio, LLC moved jobs to North Carolina. (The Blade, 9/26/10)

Bryan Display Ad

Bowling Green, Ohio Lost 100 Jobs when Thomas & Betts Corp. moved jobs to Tennessee. (The Blade, 9/26/10)

Bowling Green Display Ad

New Riegel, Ohio Lost 233 Jobs when Farmland Foods moved jobs to other U.S. locations. (The Blade, 9/26/10)

  • WTOL: “Farmland Foods, Inc. announced today that it would shift spiral ham production to other facilities and close its New Riegel, Ohio plant in April of this year. The plant closure will affect approximately 230 hourly and salaried employees. The company will offer transfers to other facilities to some salaried employees. … The operations currently at New Riegel will be transferred to other larger and newer facilities owned and operated by Farmland. ‘We will work with UFCW officials to discuss the transition for New Riegel employees,’ Mr. Sbarro said.” (“Farmland Foods To Close New Riegel Plant,” WTOL, 2/17/09)

New Reigel Display Ad

Kenton, Ohio lost 232 Jobs when Sypris Technologies moved jobs to North Carolina. (The Blade, 9/26/10)

  • Forging: “Sypris Technologies will expand its Morganton, NC manufacturing facility, where it produces forged and machined drivetrain components. The expansion will add more than 200 jobs by the end of 2013, but Sypris will transfer there all production activities now performed at its Kenton, OH, facility. New production at the Morganton plant will begin midway through 2009. Sypris produces forged components for commercial trailer manufacturing at Kenton. Currently, Morganton produces parts for commercial vehicles and light trucks.” (“Sypris Shifting Production From Ohio To North Carolina,” Forging, January 2009)

Kenton Display Ad

Youngstown, Ohio lost 41 Jobs when Polyair, a packing products company, closed a plant in Youngstown and moved operations to Kentucky (David Skolnick, “Polyair To Close Youngstown Plant; 41 Workers Offered Transfers To Ky.” The Vindicator, 1/8/10)

Youngstown Display Ad

Lockbourne, Ohio lost 650 Jobs when a Wal-Mart Optical Lab In Lockbourne Closed, moving jobs to Indiana and Arkansas. “Wal-Mart Stores Inc is closing an optical lab in Ohio that employs roughly 650 workers, the world’s biggest retailer said on Friday. The discount retailer said the lab currently processes eyewear orders for the vision centers that it operates in its U.S. Walmart stores. … The retailer also said that orders sent to the Ohio lab will be dispersed to other facilities. Wal-Mart said it was expanding its optical labs in Crawfordsville, Indiana, and Fayetteville, Arkansas, and adding approximately 100 new jobs.” (Tracy Turner, “Walmart Shuts 650-Job Lab,” The Columbus Dispatch, 3/28/09)

Lockbourne Display Ad