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Portman Calls on Strickland to Withdraw Support of Iran Deal

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Just last week, former Governor Ted Strickland said that he does not regret his decisionwhatsoever to support President Obama’s dangerous deal with Iran. Today, in light of recent reports regarding the Obama Administration’s $400 million payment to Iran in January, Rob Portman called on Ted Strickland to withdraw his support for the Iran deal immediately.

“National security is one of the most important issues we face yet former Governor Ted Strickland continues to stand with President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s failed foreign policies over Ohio – the very policies that have made America weaker, ISIS stronger, and include the dangerous deal with Iran,” said Rob Portman. “Is Ted Strickland going to stay silent following President Obama’s $400 million payment to Iran? The deal does absolutely nothing to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and these latest developments further allow Iran to increase its support for terrorism. I stand with the majority of Ohioans against this deal and in support of Israel, which is why I am calling on Ted Strickland to withdraw his support for the Iran deal immediately.”