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Ohio Editors Analyze Senate Race

The editors from the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Northeast Ohio Media Group made some interesting comments about Governor Strickland's entry into our race this week.

Kevin O'Brien, deputy editorial page editor, The Plain Dealer:

Congratulations on your next term, Sen. Rob Portman.

Sharon Broussard, editorial writer, Northeast Ohio Media Group:

Strickland's return says a lot about the lack of young Democratic leaders waiting in the wings to freshen the brand. The party needs them, even if someone like Portman might crush them in their first senatorial outing. Strickland should not have put his hat in the ring. 

Christopher Evans, editorial writer, Northeast Ohio Media Group:

The death of the Democratic Party was confirmed Wednesday with the Strickland announcement. He is political pablum, yesterday's bad news. Strickland should get out and stay out. It is time for fresh faces and ideas, not re-Treds. 

Elizabeth Sullivan, opinion director, Northeast Ohio Media Group:

Ted Strickland's entry into the Senate race is another sorry statement about the dearth of viable Democratic candidates for a statewide run in Ohio -- a problem underscored by the disastrous gubernatorial candidacy last year of then-Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald. If Strickland is the best the Democrats can do, that's far from a stirring mandate.

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