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Buzzfeed: Stop The War On Drugs, Says Top Republican

By Evan McMorris-Santoro

May 12, 2014


Rob Portman will call President Obama’s clemency plan “a Band-Aid on a deep wound” in a speech Tuesday. Can...


Cincinnati Enquirer: Portman targets poverty - and a 2016 run?


 In a major speech Tuesday, Sen. Rob Portman will add his...


The Blaze: Congress Reacts to Military Mental and Brain Health Issues

By Montgomery J. Granger

May 07, 2014


When U.S. senators from two political parties come together to introduce legislation, without argument or hesitation, one...


National Review Online: No Breaks for Child-Porn Criminals

By Senator Rob Portman

May 01, 2014


Child pornography is a horrific crime that forever robs children of their innocence. Over the years,...


Roll Call: Breaking the Cycles of Addiction and Recidivism | Commentary

By Senator Rob Portman and Sheldon Whitehouse

April 29, 2014


Some issues transcend political divisions.

How best to prevent drug addiction before it starts...


The Washington Post: Bill to track every federal dollar headed to Obama’s desk

By Josh Hicks

April 29, 2014


The House on Monday gave final congressional approval to a bipartisan bill that would require federal agencies to...


CE.Org: Senator Rob Portman: A Throwback to Old-School Washington

By Michael Petricone

April 28, 2014


In some ways, Senator Rob Portman seems like a throwback to an older Washington, where substance was valued...


Sen. Portman Prepares for GOP Senate Takeover

By Patrick O'Connor

April 11, 2014


If Senate Republicans win a majority in the midterm elections this fall, expectations will be sky-high for the...


The DATA Act just passed the Senate. Here’s why that matters.

By Andrea Peterson

April 10, 2014


This afternoon, the Senate passed the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, or DATA Act, legislation aimed at shedding light...


Portman Urges Action On Heroin, Opiate Problems

By Mike Ward

April 10, 2014


The growing problem with heroin abuse in Ohio is prompting a new call to action from one of...