Commonsense Conservative For Ohio


National Review: Choosing Our Future

It has been said that all politics is local, but when Americans in 36 states go to the polls tomorrow to choose their next United States senators, the results will have consequences for all of us. 

The question of who controls the Senate hangs in the balance. Keeping the status quo means keeping the current gridlock in Washington and dysfunction in the Senate; with a new majority, there will be a chance to break through that gridlock and get some things done for the American people.

On the major issues of the day, whether it is stopping job loss overseas through tax reform, taking full advantage of our exciting energy opportunities, addressing our nation’s record debt, defeating ISIS, or getting ahead of the threat posed by Ebola, the White House has not led. And under Democratic rule, the United States Senate has become the place where good ideas — even bipartisan ones — go to die. Washington seems stuck in neutral. It’s a sad state of affairs, and only the American people can do something about it, by electing a new majority.

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