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ICYMI: Strickland "clearly unfit to do the job of Senator"

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Today, Jim Irvine, President of Buckeye Firearms Association wrote a scathing memo to thousands of Ohioans reminding them that Ted Strickland turned his back when he moved to Washington, D.C. for a $250,000 job lobbying for an anti-gun, anti-coal, pro-tax liberal special interest group. In the memo Irvine said of Strickland, "Not only has he put a knife in our backs, he’s twisting it with every lie he tells. He’s back in Ohio now, courting your vote. But he is no longer our friend."

Ted Strickland: We built him up; it’s our duty to take him down
Jim Irvine
September 8, 2016
President of Buckeye Firearms Association

For nearly a decade, I’ve referred to Ted Strickland as a “friend.” It always hurts when you lose a friend, but it hurts more when the friend hurts you or betrays your trust.

Such things are normally best handled quietly and privately, and I’ve long said I would not air dirty laundry, even as others have told me I must. I see now they are right; this is not just something I should do, it is something I must do. Something all of us gun owners, regardless of party must do. It’s not spite or vengeance or anger, it’s just duty...

But in the years since he left Ohio, Strickland has abandoned us. He did not just work the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a vehemently anti-gun, anti-self-defense, anti-freedom lobbying group in Washington D.C. - he was the president! He now supports the radical anti-gun agenda of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. He is helping them split gun owners apart so that certain segments can be effectively targeted, thus weakening us all. He has not just evolved, but he has gone from being one of the best to joining forces with two of the worst.

Not only has he put a knife in our backs, he’s twisting it with every lie he tells. He’s back in Ohio now, courting your vote. But he is no longer our friend. We helped raise him up, and now we must retire him for good...

The Ted Strickland who stood for Katrina victims and hunters and concealed carry license holders is gone. He has been replaced by someone I no longer recognize. He is openly hostile towards us and blames us for the actions of criminals and terrorists. I don’t know why, and I likely never will, but he has clearly decided that he does not want to be our friend any longer...

He is clearly unfit to do the job of Senator for anyone who values firearms or the lives they protect.

I’m proud to have once voted for pro-self-defense Ted Strickland, and to have once encouraged others to do the same. But it now my job not just to vote against him, but to let others know that he has violated our trust and our friendship. We must spread the word that Ted Strickland is now anti-gun. I love when formally anti-gun people awaken and join us. I’m sad that such a good friend has abandoned us for the dark side.

Together, we built him up, and now we must vote him down. It is what he rightfully deserves, and it is our duty to see this through to its bitter end.

Please forward this to other gun owning, freedom-loving friends, and vote for Rob Portman for U.S. Senate.


Last year, the Buckeye Firearms Association said Strickland "completely and totally lost his way in Washington, D.C. (Buckeye Firearms Association, 2/11/15) "...In short, former Governor Ted Strickland, despite the good he did for gun owners when he lived in Ohio, has completely and totally lost his way in Washington D.C... And gun owners aren't the only ones who are concerned about his abandonment of Ohioans' values. This week, Cleveland Plain Dealer is quoting Christian Palich, interim president of the Ohio Coal Association, as saying Strickland has also turned his back on Ohio's coal workers and electricity consumers, just as he has Ohio gun owners."