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ICYMI: Strickland Celebrates Endorsement From Anti-Coal Group

Group that lobbies to keep energy sources 'in the ground' backs Democratic candidate for Senate

Morgan Chalfant
March 28, 2016
Washington Free Beacon

Ted Strickland lauded his recent endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, the political committee of a green energy group that lobbies against coal-fired power plants.

Strickland, a former governor of Ohio and now Democratic candidate for Senate, said he was “honored” by the endorsement from the anti-coal group, despite the fact that the coal industry employs thousands of Ohioans. Strickland has already come under fire for his previous leadership position at a progressive think tank that pushes an anti-coal agenda.

The League of Conservation Voters Action Fund called Strickland an “environmental champion” in a press release circulated Thursday, citing his decision to support and eventually sign an energy bill into law as governor that set the goal of having 25 percent of Ohio’s energy generated from advanced energy sources by the year 2025, half of it from renewable energy sources. The group also praised Strickland’s votes against oil and gas drilling in Congress.

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