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ICYMI: Portman Releases New TV Ad, Kasich Goes "All In For Rob"

COLUMBUS, OhioIt's been an impressive few days for the Portman campaign. Yesterday, a story ran in Politico highlighting that Governor John Kasich is all in for Rob Portman for numerous reasons including, “he’s probably one of the most effective guys in the U.S. Senate. He understands how to not only be a conservative, but to get along with other people.” Rob referred to Kasich as the "perfect messenger," saying that the Governor will most effectively be able to tell the story of Ohio's comeback from the days of Retread Ted Strickland when the state lost more than 350,000 jobs and ranked 48th in job creation. Also yesterday, the Portman Campaign released its newest TV ad, "Steel," which garnered multiple headlines.

Ohio’s bromance: Kasich goes all-out to save Portman
John  Bresnahan
July 5, 2016

…The popular two-term governor of the Buckeye State has pledged to do whatever is needed to help Portman defeat Democrat Ted Strickland in the marquee Senate contest. That means fundraising, campaign events, TV ads — basically anything Portman wants…

The Portman-Kasich alliance is about more than just political expediency. The two go back decades in Ohio politics. Portman remained loyal to Kasich during the governor’s failed bid for the GOP presidential nomination, despite heavy pressure to throw his support to Jeb Bush; Kasich gets a chance to repay that allegiance now. As for Kasich, it’s another opportunity to stick a dagger in Strickland, the man he toppled in a bitter campaign six years ago to become governor. The enmity between them is still clearly palpable...

“I’ve always been all in for Rob,” Kasich told POLITICO this week. “First of all, he’s a friend of mine and he’s a good guy. Second, he’s probably one of the most effective guys in the U.S. Senate. … He understands how to not only be a conservative, but to get along with other people.”

Kasich added: “I really want to him to be able to stay down there and basically represent me and my family…”

Having Kasich go big for Portman does nothing but aid the incumbent, especially in what’s likely to be a razor-close contest.

“It’s incredibly helpful to me to have John’s support,” Portman said, adding that he’d spoken to Kasich earlier this week to thank him for sending out another fundraising email. “I talked to his chief of staff last night about more [that] they want to do, in terms of TV ads and that sort of thing. It’s really helpful.”

“He has the ability to tell a story about Ted Strickland that nobody else can,” Portman added. “He’s the perfect messenger.”

That message echoes the case Kasich made to voters when they ousted Strickland. “During his time in office, Ohio lost more than 350,000 jobs, we ranked 48th in job creation, and our rainy day fund was drained to just 89 cents,” Kasich said in his latest fundraising email for Portman. “Our country can’t afford that kind of management…”

Kasich has already done eight fundraising emails for Portman, plus a direct-mail piece soliciting campaign money. Those missives — there are more to come, said Portman campaign sources — have yielded nearly $100,000.

Two of Kasich’s former presidential campaign aides have formed a PAC called Eyes on Ohio to help persuade Republican voters in the March primary to support Portman, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Thursday.

Yet perhaps the most important role for Kasich will be campaign appearances. Portman is planning an RV tour of the state in August, with Kasich joining him. More joint events will happen this fall, the sources said...

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Yesterday, the Portman Campaign also released its newest TV ad, “Steel,” which highlights Rob's record of standing up to China and fighting for Ohio workers against China's unfair trade practices. The ad begins airing statewide today and the campaign will spend over $1 million broadcasting it across Ohio for the next two weeks.

One of the biggest issues in this race is which candidate can Ohio workers trust to protect their jobs and fight against China. "Steel" features Burke Byer of Byer Steel, a family-owned steel manufacturer that employs 90 workers in Cincinnati and details the work Rob has done to fight for Ohio workers and protect Ohio jobs from China.

You may click the video below to watch “Steel" or scroll down to see what they are saying.


Toledo Blade: Portman launching $1M TV ad campaign

In the 30-second spot, Mr. Byer says, “The threat to American manufacturing is real and Rob Portman gets that. The reason we have 90 employees is because Rob gave us another fighting chance.” Mr. Byer’s business and other Ohio steel makers benefited after the International Trade Commission voted in 2013 to retain tariffs, in place since 2001, on steel concrete reinforcing bar from China and six other countries. The ITC’s ruling came after Senator Portman and other senators wrote a letter to ITC supporting the anti-dumping tariffs.

Real Clear Politics: Portman Releases New Ad on China, Trade

The ad, which was released to RealClearPolitics, features the owner of Byer Steel, who says the Republican lawmaker “is absolutely fighting for the American worker.” The Cincinnati-based company employs about 90 workers, according to Portman’s campaign. In 2013, while Byer Steel was part of a case at the International Trade Council to keep tariffs in place on certain kinds of imported steel from China, Portman led a group of senators who sent a letter to the ITC urging that the tariffs remain in place. Ultimately, the tariffs were kept in place for an additional five years.

Washington Examiner: Portman shifts focus to China in new ad

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman released a new ad Tuesday featuring representatives of a steel company who thank Portman for pushing to keep duties in place against steel imports from China in 2013. Representatives of Byer Steel say Portman's work helped protect American jobs which otherwise might not be around if dumping duties were lifted.

 Politico: New TV ad defends Portman on trade 

Sen. Rob Portman is out with a new TV ad, backed by a $1 million buy, boasting his work to protect Ohio steel. “China is doing things to create an unfair playing field. The threat to American manufacturing is real,” Burke Byer, of the Ohio-based Byer Steel, says in the ad. “And Rob Portman gets that … he’s absolutely fighting for the American worker.” The ad starts airing statewide on Wednesday. The new spot is a departure from Portman’s previous ads this cycle, which all focused on his work to curb the opioid epidemic.

 The Hill: Portman launches $1 million ad highlighting trade record

The spot features Burke Byer, who works at a family-owned steel manufacturer that has 90 employees in Cincinnati, and highlights Portman’s work to prevent Ohio and American jobs from going overseas and “standing up” to China. The ad will start airing Wednesday and will be broadcast in Ohio for two weeks.