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ICYMI: "Portman ad highlights family"

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Yesterday, the Portman for Senate Campaign released “Jane,” a new 30-second TV ad featuring Jane Portman. The campaign is broadcasting this ad on TV and online across Ohio, and it is part of the Portman Campaign's $15 million ad reservation announced in May.  In the ad, Jane talks about how she and Rob met on a blind date, how they have been married for more than 30 years and have three terrific kids. She highlights Rob's upbringing, saying that he has stayed true to his Midwestern values that were instilled in him by his family growing up in Cincinnati, and she emphasizes Rob's work to combat human trafficking and tackle the heroin and prescription drug epidemic gripping families across Ohio. In case you missed it, here is what they had to say:

Columbus Dispatch: Sen. Rob Portman’s campaign Thursday launched a new 30-second ad highlighting Portman’s family. The ad features his wife, Jane, and how she and Portman met on a blind date. In the ad, Jane Portman talks about her husband and says he has “stayed true to his Midwestern values.”

Washington Examiner: Sen. Rob Portman's wife Jane talks up her husband's accomplishments and work during his first term in the Senate in a new ad released Thursday that also talks about how they met.

National Journal: GUEST STAR: Port­man’s latest TV ad fea­tures his wife, Jane, who says the Re­pub­lic­an has “stayed true to his mid­west­ern val­ues,” and “has a good heart.” 

Politico: Jane Portman stars in testimonial ad: GOP Sen. Rob Portman’s wife speaks on the senator’s behalf in a new ad. “Rob and I met on a blind date. We’ve been married now for thirty years and have three great kids,” Portman says in the ad. “He's got a good heart.”

You may click HERE or on the video below to watch “Jane.”

Watch Jane Now
Jane Portman: Rob and I met on a blind date. We’ve been married now for thirty years and have three great kids. Rob grew up in Cincinnati and he's stayed true to his Midwestern values. He's got a good heart. Rob's leading the fight against the heroin epidemic that's hurt too many Ohio families and he's working to put an end to human trafficking. Rob's getting things done for the right reasons and I'm just really proud of who he is.

Rob Portman: I’m Rob Portman and I approve this message.

"Senate passes Portman Anti-Heroin Bill" (Columbus Dispatch, March, 10, 2016)

“Rob Portman has been leading the charge… against human trafficking” (Springfield News- Sun, January 23, 2015).