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ICYMI: "Democrats privately concede they will lose" Ohio Senate Race

Democrats point to "poor performance" of Ted Strickland

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Today, Roll Call reported that behind closed doors Democrats are conceding Ted Strickland will lose the Ohio Senate race due to his "poor performance." This comes the same week as Roll Call reported that Strickland was "the worst Democratic candidate of the cycle" and the same week the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Harry Reid's Senate Majority PAC cancelled every penny worth of ads in Ohio on behalf of the former governor saying, "Democrats have lost confidence in former Gov. Ted Strickland’s ability to defeat Sen. Rob Portman" and that "Portman has been credited with running one of the best-organized ground operations in the country."

As we said earlier this week, this leaves Ted Strickland's underfunded campaign with no allies. Last Friday evening, the DSCC announced they were also abandoning him, cancelling the last $3.8 million of their reservation. This fall, both the DSCC and Senate Majority PAC originally reserved $10 million each in Ohio, and now both will spend $0 in support of Ted Strickland. Don't just take our word for it, here is what Roll Call had to say and privately what Strickland's fellow Democrats had to say:

Have Senate Republicans Already Avoided a Worst-Case Scenario?
Alex Roarty
October 13, 2016
Roll Call

GOP is confident of wins in Ohio, Florida, and Arizona

Rob Portman’s lead is nearly 20 points (in some polls). Marco Rubio has a huge cash advantage. And of all the Republican senators running for re-election, John McCain’s reputation positions him best to withstand an anti-Republican wave. two states Democrats once considered top-tier pickup opportunities — Ohio and Florida — Republicans senators are on track to win...

In Ohio, Portman holds a huge lead in a race even Democrats privately concede they will lose, in part because of the poor performance of their nominee, former Gov. Ted Strickland. Republicans and Democrats alike once thought the Senate race in Ohio, a state President Barack Obama won twice, would be one of the year’s most competitive contests.

“If anyone would have predicted that race would be in the safe category by Labor Day, you would have thought they were from Mars,” said Scott Reed, a senior political strategist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce...