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Fox News: Washington gridlock: A message from the American people

Sen. Rob Portman | November 13, 2014

In the wake of the Republican wave that swept the country last week, people have been asking me two questions. How did it happen, and what does it mean for the future?

Having been involved in these campaigns, and having seen a lot of the coverage, I think many of the commentators have gotten the answer to those questions wrong. This election was not just a repudiation of incumbents; it was a rejection of the gridlock of the Democratic Senate and the lack of leadership coming from the White House. The results themselves bear this out.

No sitting Republican senators lost, and a bunch of races that were supposed to be close were blow outs.

And in the House, the incumbent party not only held on to seats, but Republicans added to their ranks and will have a historic majority in the next Congress.

Why the difference? 

The answer is simple. Republicans in the House could point to hundreds of common sense bills passed under their watch. The Democratic Senate, on the other hand, was a place that good ideas, even bipartisan ones, went to die. Instead of legislation encouraging energy exploration or export expansion or regulatory reform, Democrats pushed show-votes designed to further their divisive political strategy. 

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