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FOX 28 Columbus: Ohio Senator Rob Portman Releases Statement on Ebola Patient Traveling to Ohio

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dawn Faugl) -- After the announcement that the second healthcare worker with Ebola traveled to Northeast Ohio immediately before being diagnosed, Senator Rob Portman released the following statement:

"The latest troubling news regarding the Ebola crisis demonstrates why our government must be more proactive in the fight to prevent the spread of Ebola," Portman stated. "I have been calling on the President to take such proactive measures for weeks and it's time for the Administration to act.

"In situations like this, it is important to remain calm while also staying vigilant and aware of potential symptoms. I have spoken to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and other officials regarding the situation in Cleveland. I have also communicated with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Sylvia Burwell, to ensure the federal government is providing appropriate CDC and other assistance. My office stands ready to assist with any federal needs and to try to address concerns Ohio constituents have regarding the situation. I will remain in very close touch regarding this issue with federal, state and local authorities."

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