Commonsense Conservative For Ohio

Rob Portman

Has an A Rating from the NRA
Senator Rob Portman is a proud defender of the 2nd Amendment and has consistently voted to protect our Constitutional rights. Portman is a gun owner and avid hunter, and whether for protection, recreation, competition, or to ensure our freedoms granted by the Founders, he supports the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Senator Portman also believes we should work to reduce gun violence through better enforcement of current gun laws, enhancing school security, and ensuring that those who suffer from mental illness—a common thread in attacks—receive proper care.
Has a 100% Rating from National Right to Life
Senator Rob Portman has a 100% rating from National Right to Life and has voted 77-0 in favor of the pro-life position on National Right to Life Committee key votes. During his time in the House, he was an original cosponsor of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. In the Senate, he is the lead sponsor of the Child Custody Protection Act, which would make it a federal offense to transport a minor across state lines in order to get around state laws that require parental involvement in that minor’s abortion. He is also an original cosponsor of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would prohibit abortions 20 weeks after of fertilization, the point where strong scientific evidence indicates that an unborn child can experience pain.
Is A Strong Defender of Israel
Throughout his time in office, Senator Portman has been a strong defender of Israel. In March of 2015, he was proud to attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and to join him in the fight against Iran’s nuclear program. Senator Portman also cosponsored 2014 legislation to solidify the partnership between the US and Israel by strengthening economic and security cooperation. Senator Portman considers Israel to be our greatest ally in the Middle East and stands with the important nation against the threat of terrorism.