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Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio's heroin epidemic requires a comprehensive response: Rob Portman

Heroin overdoses have reached epidemic levels across our state. By the time this year is out, more than 19,000 Ohioans will suffer a drug overdose, and deaths from heroin overdoses are projected to be the number one cause of death in Ohio, exceeding traffic accidents.

The challenge we face is serious, and if we are to end this epidemic, we'll need a comprehensive effort, marshaling the resources of communities, grass-roots organizations and local, state, and federal governments. Only together can we prevent new victims from falling into the grip of addiction and help those who are already struggling with heroin rebuild their lives.

I am taking the first steps to implement the strategy we need by introducing the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2014. This bipartisan legislation lays out a comprehensive response to the epidemic of heroin and opioid addiction that includes prevention, law enforcement strategies, addressing overdoses, expansion of evidence-based treatment, and support for those in, or seeking, recovery.

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