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CE.Org: Senator Rob Portman: A Throwback to Old-School Washington

By Michael Petricone

April 28, 2014


In some ways, Senator Rob Portman seems like a throwback to an older Washington, where substance was valued over style and working together on smart public policy was more important than appearing on the cable news shows.  In today’s increasingly polarized political environment, Senator Portman frequently works across the aisle with his Democratic colleagues on smart, sensible policy solutions. 

Senator Portman brings extraordinary qualifications to his current position, arriving at the Senate after stints as the Bush administration’s Budget Director and United States Trade Representative. He brings an unparalleled and detailed knowledge of how the government’s finances actually work, and a commitment to putting the United States on sustainable fiscal path. Partnering with Virginia Democrat Mark Warner, he spearheaded the landmark DATA Act which promotes efficiency by enabling citizens to easily track dollars spent by federal agencies.

He is a strong advocate of pro-innovation energy policies, and is championing the bi-partisan Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act to move America toward smart energy efficiency strategies. He is also committed to growing jobs through expanding export markets and courageously promotes the economic benefits of free trade even when the idea is not politically popular.

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