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A Week Highlighting Cleveland’s Biggest Enemy

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Today, after the Portman for Senate Campaign spent this week exposing Ted Strickland’s shameful record on Cleveland, it’s clear that no one is happier than Ted that the Republican National Convention will come to a close this evening.

This week, the Portman for Senate campaign launched a new website and banner ads reminding voters in northeast Ohio about Ted Strickland’s awful record and comments on Cleveland in addition to spending $100,000 running two new web ads in Cleveland:

  • "Cleveland's Fair Share” features Ted Strickland saying Cleveland got its "fair share" during his single failed term as governor, despite greater Cleveland losing more than 76,000 jobs on his watch.
  • "Cleveland's Biggest Enemy” features Ted Strickland referring to Cleveland as its own worst enemy, and highlights how Strickland was called the worst governor for Cleveland in a lifetime.

You may visit our new website by clicking here:

And you may click the videos below to watch "Cleveland's Fair Share” and "Cleveland's Biggest Enemy.”




Following Strickland’s 2010 defeat, he blamed his loss on voters in the Cleveland area, who he believed were not appreciative of his efforts. He also charged that “Cleveland’s biggest enemy is Cleveland.”  “We did a lot for Cleveland,” he said. “Cleveland, quite frankly, got more than their fair share." ... "Cleveland’s biggest enemy is Cleveland," (Plain Dealer, December 21, 2010)

Brent Larkin wrote "Strickland is, by no small margin, the worst governor for Cleveland in my lifetime. ... A great many corporate and political leaders think Strickland has been horrible for Greater Cleveland..." (Brent Larkin, Plain Dealer, June 28, 2009)

While Ted was governor, the Greater Cleveland area lost more than 76,000 jobs. (; Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 3/25/16)