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A Tale of Two Weeks: “Strickland seemed almost resigned to his possible defeat"

COLUMBUS, Ohio – This week, the Portman for Senate Campaign had another impressive week including the release of its latest TV ad featuring Rob's wife Jane, 30 prominent African American pastors from around Ohio endorsing Rob, the release of four new polls showing Rob ahead of Ted Strickland by as many as 17 points, Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report/Roll Call moving the Ohio Senate race from "Leans Republican" to "Republican Favored," Speaker Paul Ryan hitting the campaign trail with Rob in Dayton, and finally, the announcement that Rob raised more than $4.5 million in the third quarter of 2016 - the campaign now has more than 20,000 individual donors from Ohio.

Meanwhile, Ted Strickland was stuck on defense after the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Harry Reid's Senate Majority PAC announced they were cancelling an additional $1.1 million in TV ads on his behalf, and finally the Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Strickland, "seemed almost resigned to his possible defeat" when he said to a group of reporters, "If I wake up the morning of November the 9th and Hillary Clinton is the president-elect and I have not been successful, I will be a happy guy." 

Here is a review of the week that was:

Monday, October 3rd:
Nearly 30 prominent African American religious leaders from across Ohio, including several Democrats, endorsed Rob at a luncheon in Columbus. The endorsements are the latest developments in Ohio's Senate race after the Ohio Conference of Teamsters, the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, the IUOE Local 18, and the United Mine Workers of America each endorsed Rob after previously supporting Ted Strickland. Last summer, the Portman for Senate Campaign launched its African American Leadership Council, a group that has been advising Rob on issues impacting the urban community and helping to spread the word on Rob's policy initiatives to grow jobs and expand opportunities for all Ohioans. Since the launch, Rob has hosted more than 10 roundtable discussions with African American leaders across the state and has visited several African American churches. Here are some photos from the luncheon:




Following the luncheon, Rob stopped by the campaign's Columbus field office to thank his office full of interns:


And Jane stopped by the Richland County GOP meeting to speak with supporters and fellow Ohioans. Be sure to click HERE or on the video below to watch a portion of her speech courtesy of WMFD.



In other news, Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report/Roll Call moved the Ohio Senate race rating from "Leans Republican" to" Republican Favored" saying, "Democrats outside of Ohio have all but ceded a second term to GOP Sen. Rob Portman."

Meanwhile, the DSCC and SMP announced they cancelled an additional $1.1 million in TV ads on behalf of Ted Strickland. Here is what WHIZ News had to say about the cancellations:

Tuesday, October4th:
Here is what they had to say about Rob's latest endorsements:

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: A couple dozen prominent African American pastors, including the Revs. Damon Lynch Jr. and Peterson Mingo, endorsed a Republican for U.S. Senate this year: Rob Portman. Ceding no voting blocs to Democratic former Gov. Ted Strickland, Portman announced 28 black pastors were supporting his re-election bid for one of Ohio's U.S. Senate seats... But some are former Strickland supporters and President Barack Obama backers who are picking Portman instead...  Portman has worked on legislation to address heroin addiction and prisoners' re-entry into society. He co-authored the Second Chance Act with the late Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Cleveland, while in Congress. It passed in 2008, after Portman had left Congress, and provided money for re-entry programs for two years.
  • Columbus Dispatch: The endorsements represent another crack in the campaign of Democrat Ted Strickland... The political blessing is an outgrowth of an African American Leadership Council formed by the Portman for Senate campaign to solicit advice on urban issues.  “I’m a lifelong Democrat, but Rob Portman has a record of delivering results for Ohio families,” Columbus Pastor Ronald Turner of New Inspiration Baptist Church of God in Christ said in a statement.
  • Washington Free Beacon: Several African American leaders on Monday emphasized that Portman has delivered results for Ohio communities during his time in government, citing his work to boost jobs creation and stop the heroin epidemic plaguing the state and other areas of the country.
  • Portman gets pastors' blessing: Portman's campaign announced Monday he has picked up endorsements Monday from 28 black pastors from around Ohio, including 15 from Cleveland. The support stems from Portman's African American Leadership Council, which advises the senator on urban issues. While Strickland is still likely to win most of Ohio's black vote, the endorsements are another PR victory for Portman, who's already made inroads among labor unions that usually back Democrats.

In other news, the Portman for Senate campaign announced its largest fundraising quarter of the cycle with Rob raising over $4.5 million in the third quarter of 2016, including over $3.5 million for the campaign and $1 million for the Ohio Republican Party through the Portman Victory Committee. The campaign will report over $7.6 million cash-on-hand and now has more than 20,000 individual donors from Ohio, representing more than 80 percent of the campaign's donors. The campaign surpassed 4 million voter contacts last week and launched a $15 million ad buy on June 1st. Last year, the campaign raised a record-setting total of $9.8 million, a record for an off-year in Ohio and the most of any targeted Senate campaign in 2015. Here is what they had to say:

The Wall Street Journal: Fundraising Haul Puts Ohio Sen. Rob Portman in Strong Position to Protect Lead

Columbus Dispatch: Rob Portman has $7.6 million for re-election campaign, gives $1 million to Ohio GOP 

Politico: Ohio GOP Sen. Rob Portman is showing no signs of slowing down in his reelection campaign despite a widening lead over former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, on Tuesday posting his best fundraising quarter of the cycle.

Roll Call: "Portman Posts Personal-Best Fundraising Haul"

Washington Examiner: "Portman posts $4.5 million in third fundraising quarter as race heads into homestretch"

Washington Free Beacon: "Portman Records Biggest Quarterly Fundraising Haul"

Wednesday, October5th:
A Tale of Three Hours:

12:00pm - Quinnipiac University released a poll showing Rob ahead of Strickland by 17 points. Poll available by clicking HERE.

1:00 pm - Monmouth University released a poll showing Rob ahead of Strickland by 15 points. The poll is available by clicking HERE.

3:00pm - Anzalone Liszt Grove for the Ohio Education Association released a poll showing Rob ahead of Strickland by 12 points. The poll is available by clicking HERE.

Here is what they had to say:

MSNBC's Morning Joe anchors:
Mika Brzezinski - "Portman of Ohio appears set to walk away with his race."
Joe Scarborough - "Remarkable what Rob Portman is doing."

Quinnipiac University: "Anything can happen in politics, but it would take a collapse of historic proportions for Sen. Rob Portman to lose his reelection bid to former Gov. Ted Strickland. The first term incumbent is 17 points ahead and the only ones still holding out hope for Strickland are his family members."

Monmouth University: "Portman continues to garner more support from his fellow Republicans (90%) than Strickland does from his fellow Democrats (72%).  Independents prefer Portman by 57% to 34%... Portman earns a positive job rating from most Ohio voters - 52% approve and 23% disapprove... Voters' views of Strickland are more negative at 27% favorable and 37% unfavorable..."

Washington Post: Nobody is having a better election year than Rob Portman




Thursday, October 6th:
The Portman for Senate Campaign released “Jane,” a new 30-second TV ad featuring Jane Portman. The ad is being broadcast on TV and online across Ohio and is part of the Campaign's $15 million ad reservation announced in May. In the ad, Jane talks about how she and Rob met on a blind date and how they have been married for more than 30 years and have three terrific kids. She highlights Rob's upbringing, saying that he has stayed true to his Midwestern values that were instilled in him by his family growing up in Cincinnati, and she emphasizes Rob's work to combat human trafficking and tackle the heroin and prescription drug epidemic gripping families across Ohio. You may click HERE or on the video below to watch “Jane.”

Public Policy Polling released a poll showing Rob ahead of Strickland by 15 points saying, "The US Senate election continues to look good for Republicans, with Rob Portman leading Ted Strickland 51-36." The poll is available by clicking HERE

Friday, October 7th:
Here is what they had to say about the Portman Campaign's new "Jane" TV ad:

Columbus Dispatch: Sen. Rob Portman’s campaign Thursday launched a new 30-second ad highlighting Portman’s family. The ad features his wife, Jane, and how she and Portman met on a blind date. In the ad, Jane Portman talks about her husband and says he has “stayed true to his Midwestern values.”

Washington Examiner: Sen. Rob Portman's wife Jane talks up her husband's accomplishments and work during his first term in the Senate in a new ad released Thursday that also talks about how they met.

National JournalGUEST STAR: Port­man’s latest TV ad fea­tures his wife, Jane, who says the Re­pub­lic­an has “stayed true to his mid­west­ern val­ues,” and “has a good heart.” 

Politico: Jane Portman stars in testimonial ad: GOP Sen. Rob Portman’s wife speaks on the senator’s behalf in a new ad. “Rob and I met on a blind date. We’ve been married now for thirty years and have three great kids,” Portman says in the ad. “He's got a good heart.” 

Finally, Speaker Paul Ryan joined Rob on the campaign trail in Dayton to meet with and thank Portman for Senate interns and volunteers with just over a month until Election Day. Here are some pictures from their visit:

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan