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A Tale of Two Weeks: Portman "turns Ohio Senate race into rout with union support"

COLUMBUS, Ohio – This week, the Portman for Senate Campaign had another impressive week including the release of its latest TV ads, "Endorsed" and "Flag Factory," more newspaper endorsements, two new polls showing Rob ahead of Strickland by 15 and 18 points, and of course more stops on the "Countdown to Victory" RV tour. The tour made stops in Columbus, Dayton, Terrace Park, Lebanon, Bellefontaine, Mansfield, Akron, Brecksville, Beachwood, Cleveland, Parma, Richfield, Cincinnati, Lima, West Chester, and Oxford meeting with hundreds of students, veterans, miners, union members, and supporters.

Meanwhile, with less than a week until Election Day, Ted Strickland was rarely seen in public. The former governor was also stuck on defense after he was forced to give up $12,500 in donations from Thornton Law Firm - the very law firm that is under fire for allegedly running a straw donor scheme exposed by the Boston Globe over the weekend.
Here is a review of the week that was:

Monday, October 31st:
The Canton Repository became the 19th newspaper to endorse Rob after receiving a string of endorsements from major newspapers across Ohio. The Repository cited Rob's record of getting results for Ohio on the heroin epidemic, human trafficking, and unfair trade practices, adding that "it's abundantly clear why poll after poll show Portman, Ohio's junior senator, with a commanding lead over the former governor in this battleground state." Be sure to click HERE to read the endorsement in its entirety.

Rob, Jane, and Ohio native and legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus and his wife Barbara stopped by the campaign's Columbus and Dayton field offices to meet with and thank Portman for Senate interns and volunteers with a week until Election Day. Be sure to click HERE or on the video below to watch a recap of their day.


Here is what they had to say:
WDTN: Legendary golfer and Ohio native Jack Nicklaus campaigned for Republican Senator Rob Portman

WSYX: Senator Portman and Nicklaus are on a "Countdown to Victory" RV tour

WRGT: Nicklaus was by Portman's side today at the Dayton field office

In September, Jack Nicklaus endorsed Rob saying, "Today I'm concerned about our country and our state, that's why I am supporting my friend Rob Portman for U.S. Senate. Rob is the real deal, he's making a difference in standing up for American manufacturing, and he's fighting to strengthen our military to keep us safe. Rob Portman is Ohio's champion." In addition to the endorsement, the Portman for Senate Campaign released a TV ad featuring Nicklaus. The ad, "Ohio's Champion," was the first time Nicklaus has appeared in a political ad. You may click HERE to watch "Ohio's Champion."

Following the Dayton field office visit, Rob made his way to Terrace Park and was joined by WTOL's Jerry Anderson. Rob and Jerry discussed the Portman for Senate unprecedented grassroots campaign, which has contacted more than 5.3 million Ohio voters since May of last year. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the interview was the army of interns and volunteers who were hard a work calling voters - the Terrace Park office alone has made more than 1.2 million targeted voter contacts. Be sure to click HERE or on the video below to watch Rob's interview with Jerry.


Finally, Ted Strickland was forced to give up $12,500 in donations from Thornton Law Firm - the very law firm that is under fire for allegedly running a straw donor scheme exposed by the Boston Globe over the weekend. Don't just take our word for it, click HERE to read the article.

Tuesday, November 1st:
The Portman for Senate campaign released its latest TV ads, "Endorsed," highlighting Rob's 19 endorsements from all major newspapers in Ohio that have endorsed in this race, including several that previously endorsed Ted Strickland. Separate ads are airing in the Columbus and Cleveland markets highlighting the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Columbus Dispatch endorsements. Of the 23 newspapers that have endorsed in Ohio's race for U.S Senate, 21 have endorsed Rob.

The Columbus ad may be viewed here:

The Cleveland ad may be viewed here:

The Marietta Times and Steubenville's Herald-Star also endorsed Rob for U.S. Senate. The Marietta Times editorial, Portman’s fight against drugs must continue, highlighted Rob's work to combat the heroin and prescription drug epidemic saying, "We need a senator who has made fighting this epidemic a priority and is committed to seeing this through. Return Portman to office so he can do just that." Meanwhile, the Herald-Star said that Rob is a "staunch champion of working men and women" and that "he has represented Buckeye State residents extremely well, making us his top priority in Washington." Of Rob's opponent the Herald-Star said that Strickland "wrecked the state budget, leaving his successor to close an $8 billion gap in it." Be sure to click HERE to read the Marietta Times endorsement and HERE to read the Herald-Star endorsement.

In other news, Rob continued on his "Countdown to Victory" RV tour visiting with his Hispanic Leadership Council and speaking at the Logan County Fall Dinner. Check out these pictures from his stops:



Finally, a new SurveyMonkey poll was released showing Rob ahead of Strickland by 15 points (Portman 55% - Strickland 40%).

Wednesday, November 2nd:
The Portman for Senate campaign released new online display ads highlighting Rob's Ohio newspaper endorsements on the home pages of over 20 Ohio newspapers. The display ads use quotes from each newspaper's endorsement of Rob, highlighting why Ohio cannot afford a return to Ted Strickland. For those keeping track, Rob has been endorsed by 21 newspapers while Strickland has only been endorsed by two - including one student newspaper. Below are some examples of the new web ads:

Akron Beacon Journal

Cincinnati Enquirer

Crain's Cleveland

Wheeling Intelligencer

Youngstown Vindicator

In other news, Rob continued his travels around Ohio as part of his "Countdown to Victory" RV tour making a stop in Akron for a meeting with Teamsters Retirees. As a reminder, the Teamsters endorsed Rob in July after supporting Strickland in his previous races. Recently, the Portman for Senate Campaign recently released a TV ad highlighting Rob's endorsement. The Washington Times reported on Rob's union endorsement saying that Portman has turned the "Ohio Senate race into rout with union support." Be sure to check out these intro paragraphs of the story:

Al Fillingim, a retired Teamsters truck driver, says he plans to cast his vote in next week’s election for Republican Sen. Rob Portman and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and says other members of the local union are poised to do the same. 

From the outside looking in, Mr. Fillingim’s decision to split the ticket seems odd given Democrats’ strong historical ties to labor unions. But the way Mr. Fillingim and others who attended a retirees’ meeting here Wednesday see it, Mr. Portman and Mrs. Clinton are the best choices available to them in their respective races.

Here is a picture of Rob speaking with the Teamsters Retirees:


Wyoming Senator John Barrasso joined Rob on the campaign trail stopping by the Portman for Senate campaign's Brecksville office to meet with and thank interns and volunteers with less than a week until Election Day. Be sure to watch this recap video of their stop and scroll below for some pictures:




Thursday, November 3rd:
The Portman for Senate campaign released its final TV ad of the campaign. The ad was filmed at Annin Flagmakers in Coshocton, the company that made the flags hoisted at Iwo Jima and planted on the moon. "Flag Factoryhighlights Rob's fight for Ohio workers and his record of standing up to China and his commitment to always fight for Ohio workers. Next Tuesday, Ohio voters have a clear choice between moving forward with Rob's policies for better wages and more jobs, or returning to Ted Strickland's failed policies when Ohio lost more than 350,000 jobs and ranked 48th in job creation. The $1 million ad is running statewide in every Ohio media market. You may click HERE or on the video below to watch "Flag Factory."


In other news, the Toledo Blade endorsed Rob for U.S. Senate after endorsing Ted Strickland for governor in 2006 and 2010, and endorsing Rob's Democratic opponent in 2010. The Toledo Blade backed Rob, saying he is "a '21st century senator' who works across party lines to get things done," that Ted Strickland "would not be able to work this way in the Senate" and "we need more of the Portman approach in the Congress, not less." For those keeping count, this makes 22 newspaper endorsements for Rob, and just two for Ted Strickland. Be sure to click HERE to read the endorsement in its entirety.

Senator Barrasso joined Rob again on his "Countdown to Victory" RV tour making stops in Cleveland for a healthcare roundtable, in Parma for a roundtable with Ukrainian and Eastern European Leaders, and in Richfield to meet with workers at an IUOE Local 18 training facility. As a reminder, the IUOE Local 18 - representing over 15,000 workers across Ohio - endorsed Rob in August after endorsing Strickland for governor in 2006. Be sure to check out these great pictures from day 13 of Rob's tour.




Meanwhile, Quinnipiac University released a poll showing Rob ahead of Strickland by 18 points (Portman 56- Ted Strickland 38). Here is what they had to say:

NEWSMAX: Portman, the incumbent in the race who first took office in 2011, is getting support from all political parties, according to the poll. He has support from 96 percent of Republicans, 17 percent of Democrats, and 60 percent of independents.

Youngstown Vindicator: Incumbent Republican Rob Portman has jumped to an 18-point lead over Democratic challenger Ted Strickland in their race for the U.S. Senate, according to a new Quinnipiac Poll released Thursday. Portman was up 56 percent-38 percent over Ohio’s former governor among 589 likely voters. The results had a margin of error of 4 percentage points.Portman also had double-digit leads among women, men and independent voters. Headed into the final days of Ohio's U.S. Senate race, incumbent Republican Rob Portman has a commanding 18-point lead over Democrat Ted Strickland, according to a new poll.

Toledo Blade: Incumbent U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R.) would win re-election easily in Ohio if the election were held today, according to a new poll of Ohio likely voters by Quinnipiac University. The polling institute found voters favor Mr. Portman, who is seeking a second term, over his Democratic opponent, former Gov. Ted Strickland, by 56 percent to 38 percent.

Columbus Dispatch: Republican Sen. Rob Portman appears to be on the verge of re-election with a poll released today showing him leading by 18 points over Democratic challenger Ted Strickland.

The Hill: In Ohio, Quinnipiac found Sen. Rob Portman expanding a double-digit edge over former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D), leading by 18 points, 56 percent to 38 percent. In October, Portman was leading by 13 points in a similar poll. Portman has been consistently leading Strickland for months — by double digits in most polls.

And finally, ABC News rated the Ohio Senate race as "Solid Republican" saying, "At one point, Democrats thought this seat was within their reach, but Portman has run a strong campaign, sticking closely to local issues and pounding the pavement in his state. He has successfully painted the former governor as a poor manager of the state's budget."

Friday, November 4th:
In Cincinnati, Rob held a roundtable with members of our campaign's African American Leadership Committee.


In Lima, Rob spoke to the Allen County GOP. 

Allen County

Here is what they had to say about Rob's new "Flag Factory" TV ad:

Roll Call: Sen. Rob Portman might not have the tough re-election battle that was expected earlier in the cycle, but the Ohio Republican has continued to campaign vigorously across the state and on the airwaves... In the ad, which is running statewide, Portman makes a direct appeal from an American flag factory in Ohio that produced flags used during the Battle of Iwo Jima and the Apollo moon landing.

Columbus Dispatch: Call it “the closer.” Sen. Rob Portman is releasing his final ad of the 2016 Senate campaign, and it’s aimed at arguing that Portman is fighting for Ohio workers. The ad, filmed at Annin Flagmakers in Coshocton, the company that made the flags raised at Iwo Jima and planted on the moon.

National Journal: Port­man’s fi­nal TV ad fea­tures the Re­pub­lic­an speak­ing to the cam­era from An­nin Flag­makers in Coshoc­ton. Port­man says “An­nin made the flag that was hois­ted at Iwo Jima and the one that was planted on the moon,” and today “make eight mil­lion flags a year right here in Ohio.” He goes on to say that he’s stand­ing up for work­ers by fight­ing “against coun­tries like China when they threaten Ohio jobs.” The ad is backed by $1 mil­lion. Portman's campaign, by contrast, announced it's spending $1 million to air its final TV ad of the race in every media market in the state between Thursday and Election Day. The 30-second spot features the senator vowing to "fight back against countries like China when they threaten Ohio jobs."

Toledo Blade: The campaign of Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman today began airing its final campaign ad of his race against Democrat Ted Strickland. At a commitment of $1 million, the ad is running in every Ohio media market... The Portman campaign has churned out more than 20 television ads and spent more than $14 million for airtime, plus another $1 million on YouTube, through Election Day.

Morning Consult: Portman Spends $1 Million on Final TV Spot... Standing on the floor of Annin Flagmakers, an Ohio company that is the nation’s oldest flag maker, the Republican made a pitch for American production jobs in a state that, like much of the Rust Belt and Appalachia, has experienced a decline in manufacturing.

Politico: Portman ends with a positive spot on trade: GOP Sen. Rob Portman’s final ad of the cycle features him talking about an issue that in the past has been one of Democrats’ most damaging lines of attack: trade. While walking through a flag factory in Ohio, Portman says that “people here and workers all across Ohio deserve a fair shot to compete. I'll continue to stand up for them and to fight back against countries like China when they threaten Ohio jobs.”

In other news, the Portman for Senate campaign announced its second statewide College Student Day of Action, a day of grassroots organizing across Ohio's college campuses led by the Students for Portman Coalition. Members of the Students for Portman Coalition distributed 125,000 flyers on over 30 campuses contrasting Rob's fight to help students with Ted's record of failure for Ohio students. Over the course of this campaign, Rob has visited over 20 campuses and he will visit 12 college campuses on his current "Countdown to Victory" RV Tour. Over a year ago, the Portman for Senate campaign launched "Students for Portman" which has grown to over 30 college campuses and across 200 high schools. These students have powered our grassroots effort which recently surpassed 5.3 million voter contacts.

Flyer (front and back):

Education Flyer

Education Flyer