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A Tale of Two Weeks

COLUMBUS, OhioThis week, Ted Strickland was stuck playing defense over his association with yet another politician under FBI investigation. Not only did Ted Strickland refuse to hold China accountable for unfair trade practices and give a $4 million taxpayer-funded loan to a now-bankrupt company with a Chinese factory, Ted's now been forced to cancel Governor Terry McAuliffe's appearance at his upcoming fundraiser - Governor McAuliffe is under FBI investigation for his ties to a Chinese donor. Be sure to check out these headlines:

  • CNN: Under investigation, McAulifffe cancels appearance for Strickland

  • Washington Examiner: McAuliffe cancels appearance at Strickland fundraiser

  • Washington Post: McAuliffe pulls out of Democratic fundraiser, doesn't want to be a 'distraction'

  • Cincinnati Enquirer: One less rubber chicken dinner for McAuliffe — and fewer campaign dollars for Strickland?

  • Columbus Dispatch: Virginia governor will no longer appear at Strickland fundraiser

Meanwhile, the Portman for Senate Campaign has had an impressive week:

Monday, May 23rd:
Politico reports on Rob Portman’s army of 500 full-time summer interns to power field program.


Tuesday, May 24th:
Portman for Senate releases web ad highlighting Ted Strickland’s latest inspiring campaign message after he touted his need for a paycheck to Politico saying, “…I probably need the paycheck more…”


Wednesday, May 25th:
The NRSC's Executive Director Ward Baker highlights Rob Portman's outreach efforts in a Medium post saying, "The results are self-evident: Portman is running the best field and data program in America."


Thursday, May 26th:
The Columbus Dispatch reports on the Portman for Senate Campaign’s outreach efforts, which surpassed 2 million targeted voter contacts:

Since last May, the campaign has contacted more than 2 million voters through door-to-door and phone-bank programs, Portman said.

The grassroots effort consists of five coalitions taking in African Americans, military veterans, women, sportsmen and college students. This summer, more than 500 interns will put to work contacting voters, the campaign said.

You may click HERE or on the video below to watch a recap of the grassroots campaign.