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A Tale of Two Fridays: DSCC Abandons Strickland; Newspapers Choose Portman

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Not content with having a week consisting of falling further behind in polling, admitting he is losing, and more Super PAC ad cancellations, Ted Strickland had a Friday to remember. Last night, the DSCC announced it was canceling all remaining airtime in Ohio, abandoning Ted Strickland in the final stretch of his Senate campaign. This announcement follows weeks of cancellations from DSCC, Senate Majority PAC, and Ted Strickland's campaign, which canceled ads in all but two of Ohio's media markets. The DSCC's original fall TV reservation in Ohio was $10 million, and yesterday's announcement means they will not spend a penny of it on Ted Strickland.

Yesterday, Rob Portman also received back-to-back newspaper endorsements. Crain's Cleveland Business highlighted Rob's work on finding bipartisan solutions to the heroin and prescription drug epidemic and on protecting Lake Erie among other issues. Crain's Cleveland Business said, "Portman's intelligence, steadiness and dedication to working hard on issues of importance to Ohioans — most notably on the heroin epidemic and the protection of Lake Erie — are why we believe he deserves another term in the U.S. Senate" and that "Ohio voters have come to respect Portman for his knowledge, work ethic and decency." 

This followed the endorsement from The Cincinnati Enquirersaying "In his first term as senator, Portman has been a hard-working public servant, often reaching across the aisle for the good of his Greater Cincinnati constituents and the country as a whole." You may click HERE to read the endorsement.

POLITICOPro (subscription): DSCC to cancel remaining airtime in Ohio, all but one week in Fla.

"The DSCC will cancel its remaining TV airtime in Ohio and all but its final week of TV reservations in Florida, according to a source familiar with the group's plans.

"The group had originally booked $10 million in each state, but has been slowly canceling ads as former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and Rep. Patrick Murphy's chances to defeat Sens. Rob Portman and Marco Rubio faded. Polls now show Portman with double-digits leads over the poorly-funded Strickland and Rubio with a smaller but persistent edge over the little-known Murphy.

"Now, the DSCC has just $2.2 million still booked, for a final week in Florida. The group is completely abandoning Strickland, canceling the final two weeks of advertising there. Democrats remain optimistic about taking back the Senate, confident in their candidates in GOP-friendly territory like Indiana, Missouri and North Carolina."